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What to include in your pet’s emergency medical kit

Just imagine your excited dog puts her paw through the living room window when another dog walks by.  Or, your way too smart dog finally figures out how to get in the trash can and eats a (HORRORS!)  bite of Aunt Maggie’s chocolate pie. 

First, remove all pets from the site of the accident.  Check each pet other than the culprit for injury.  Then pull out your pet emergency kit.  This will include:

1.  Gauze rolls and self adhesive gauze rolls.  These can be used for dressing and wrapping wounds or muzzling the injured pet.

2. Nonstick bandages, towels, or strips of clean cloth to control bleeding or protect wounds.

3. Adhesive tape for bandages (do not use human adhesive tapes, eg: Band Aids, for pets)

4. Milk of Magnesia or Activated Charcoal to absorb poison and induce vomiting (Always contact your vet or the ASPCA Amimal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 before treating your pet for poison).

5. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting (Always contact your vet or poison center before inducing vomiting)

6. A digital rectal thermometer.  Typically your pet’s normal temperature is higher than your temperature.

7. Eye dropper to give oral treatments or flush wounds.  A turkey baster works well for giving liquids in large quantities.

8. Muzzle and leash. Keep in mind, if your mild mannered pet is panicked you are in danger of being bitten.  A dishtowel, tied around the snout and then behind the ears, can suffice as a muzzle.  Even with a muzzle, your pet may be able to bite.

9. Something to suffice as a stretcher.  A large towel, perhaps, a blanket, or a floor mat may be used.

Also, you should have an emergency evacuation kit for your pet that includes this medical kit.  A free 20 page booklet called the ‘NAPPS Disaster Preparedness Plan for Pet Owners‘ is available on the For Pet Owners page of the NAPPS website.  Please see our links page for their website.


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