Our Staff

Missy Guppenberger - Animal Care Specialist

Missy Guppenberger, Animal Care Specialist

Missy grew up in Titusville and has been with G&S Pet Services, LLC, since 2002.  She still lives in Titusville with her family, dog, and many cats.  

Missy has always been interested in animal care and has been in the industry since graduating from high school.  She has worked as a  Veterinary Technician and groomer at Coastal Animal Hospital in Rockledge for the last 20 years and has extensive knowledge in companion animal health. 

Susan Foerster - Owner/Animal Care Specialist

Susan Foerster, Owner/Animal Care Specialist

G&S Pet Services, LLC, established in 2001, was conceived by Susan while working at various veterinary hospitals in Brevard County.  She saw a strong need for professional pet sitters among the clinic clients.  After researching the appropriate liability insurance and professional  memberships, G&S Pet Services was formed.

Thanks to references from clients and local veterinarians, G&S Pet Services has built a reputation as a group of professional and caring pet sitters, with many pet owners booking for the holidays six to eight months in advance.  We have an excellent staff and are proud of the much needed services we provide.


Diane Stephens - Animal Care Specialist

Diane Stephens, Animal Care Specialist

As the former owner of a very successful pet sitting business in Brevard County called PetSitters Plus, her experience, reliability, dedication, and reputation speaks for itself.  

Diane has been an animal lover and advocate her entire life and has extensive volunteer experience with many rescue groups, most notably Greyhound rescue and several feral cat organizations and shelters

Diane is also a Reiki Master and Healing Touch for Animals practitioner and she custom blends flower essences for animals.  Her website is www.KindredSpiritHealing.com

Helen Ortiz - Animal Care Specialist

Helen Ortiz, Animal Care Specialist

Helen started pet sitting for family, friends, coworkers and neighbors in 2001.  As well as cats and dogs she has also taken care of guinea pigs, chinchillas, snakes and pigs. 
Helen has worked with the school board as a GED teacher and is a Sunday school teacher for preschoolers.  She currently consults with at-risk teenagers and young adults for Brevard Workforce. 
Helen lives in Cocoa with her son and two chihuahuas, Midnight and Husky.  She is patient, thoughtful, and compassionate and provides overnight pet sitting for those pets that require a constant companion. 

Sean Guertin - Manager/Animal Care Specialist

Sean Guertin, Manager/Animal Care Specialist

Sean grew up in Florida and has been around animals his entire life.  He is the proud daddy to a 110lb Doberman named Semper.  He has worked at veterinary clinics and animal hospitals since leaving the Marine Corps in 2012.  Sean has a “whispery” way with animals that amazes his friends and family.  He believes we don’t choose our pets, they choose us. 

Jackie Drago-Bernert - Animal Care Specialist

Jackie Drago-Bernert, Animal Care Specialist

Growing up in Farmingdale, NY, Jackie was always feeding the stray cats. She adopted her first dog, a dachshund named Jax, when she moved to Florida in 2004.  Soon after she adopted another dachshund, Alexis.  They get the best care and are the loves of her life.  As a volunteer at the shelter in Titusville, she found it very satisfying to see pets get adopted and go to their furever homes.  Her motto is adopt, don't shop.  Every dog she sees gets greeted with a big Hello!

She will love your pets like they are her own.


Mary Harvey - Animal Care Specialist

Mary Harvey, Animal Care Specialist

Mary grew up in Oregon on a ranch where she lived with and loved many different kinds of animals.  When she and her husband moved to Florida in 2003 they brought their three dogs, three cats, and two rabbits.  Now a true Floridian at heart, Mary works part time as registered nurse.  They are currently the proud parents of six dogs, two cats, and three rabbits.  She has rescued all of these members of her fur family.  Her friends and coworkers know her as the person who will take any animal in.

Mary has never met an animal she didn't want to learn from and care for.  She is a valued addition to our pet sitting family. 

Sally Gordon - Animal Care Specialist

Sally Gordon, Animal Care Specialist

Sally has been training & caring for dogs in Brevard County, Florida, for over 12 years. As a Veterinary Technician she worked in the veterinary field from 1996 to 2011.  She has handled and cared for many types of pets including all sizes of birds, reptiles, pocket pets and even farm animals.  She is the owner and trainer of ABC Dog Training, where she teaches all levels of obedience, behavior, agility, and tricks.

Sally currently lives in Mims with her husband and son, as well as 2 dogs, 2 rats and 9 chickens.  She loves to compete in obedience, agility and tricks with her border collie Fli.  She has even taught her rats and chickens a few tricks. 

She believes all animals are special and deserve to be spoiled.  

Mark Bernert - Animal Care Specialist

Mark Bernert, Animal Care Specialist

Mark grew up in Farmingdale, NY, with his dog, Benji and multiple cats. He has a huge heart for animals. His dachshunds, Jax and Alexis', health and well being come before anything else, even himself.

Mark's compassion for animals is evident as he helps a turtle cross the road or a squirrel loose in the house.  He is a great addition to our team.

Mark is married to fellow pet sitter, Jackie.

Nicole Mackin - Animal Care Specialist

Nicole Mackin, Animal Care Specialist

 Nicole grew up here in Florida and has always surrounded herself with animals.  She is a strong believer in rescuing animals and is the proud mother of two twin tabby cats, Sierra and Stella.  She worked with disabled pets and finds it very rewarding.  Nicole is a full time student at EFSC and future entrepreneur.  Her mission is to develop a strong background in companion animal care and health and is committed to your happy and healthy pet.

Audrey Martins - Animal Care Specialist

Audrey Martins, Animal Care Specialist

Audrey grew up in Rhode Island and now lives in Titusville. She  was so happy to find us to take care of her fur babies and expressed a strong desire to do the same thing for other people's pets. 

Audrey has been a Medical Laboratory Technician for 17 years but gets her real fix with pet sitting. She has lots of experience taking care of her family and friends pets and is an avid animal lover. She is the fur mom of her beloved Puggle, Baxter, who was adopted in 2012. Her main goal is to provide your pets with the love, care and compassion that they need and deserve. She is dedicated to animals and goes above and beyond in hopes to give them their best life.