Our Services

Welcome!  You can count on us to care for your special friend. 

Our goal is to accommodate your pet's typical daily routine in order to give your pets the good health, spirits, and affection they deserve and you expect. 

This includes:

  • meals, fresh water, treats
  • walking, exercise
  • playtime 
  • cuddling and comforting
  • litter box, kennel, and bedding maintenance
  • bird, hamster, gerbil, rabbit etc. cage maintenance
  • administering medicine(s)

You'll get peace of mind, and professional, affordable, trusted, loving care for your pets in the comfort and security of their home when you are out-of-town, at work, or not able to be there.

Additional non-pet related services include:

  • mail and newspaper pick up
  • trash container placement for pick-up
  • water plants
  • basic home security checks (adjusting lights, curtains, blinds, etc.)

We will come to your home prior to your trip to meet you and your pets, to pick up keys to your home, and to discuss additional services.  No charge is applied to this initial visit.

We require two sets of keys to be made available during your home visit:

  • the first for your primary pet sitter
  • the second kept in our office

Typically we keep keys for future pet sitting, but we can return your key after the service is complete. 

  • there is a $10 key pick-up fee for future pet sitting

Our policy is to visit your pet(s) while you are away at least once a day for cats and twice a day for dogs.  This allows us to address any minor emergency, either with your pet or your home, before it becomes a major emergency. You will have both a primary pet sitter and a secondary pet sitter. In the event your primary pet sitter is unavailable, your secondary pet sitter is familiar with your home and your pets and can fill in if necessary.

A contract is provided stipulating:

  • you and your pet's individual needs
  • listing your emergency contact information
  • consent for Medical Care in the event of a medical emergency
  • evacuation plan in case of hurricane