Until we found Susan of G&S Pet Services we always worried about leaving our two cats, Binky and Goldilocks, to take a trip or vacation.  Susan is a loving, competent, intuitive caregiver for animals.  She covers all the bases, medical, dietary, timetables, preferences. . . I could go on and on.  After our first experience with Susan's care for our pets, we completely trusted her.  When my father was very ill we had to make many short trips to Atlanta, at one point leaving a sick kitty in her care.  I knew that Susan  would more than care for our kitty; she would go the extra mile to ensure her recovery.   We never leave town unless we have checked with G&S Pet Services to make sure Susan is available!  Binky and Goldilocks join me in saying "thank you Susan."

Kathy Jenner, Rockledge

I travel for a living and leave my home knowing my animals are in very capable hands.  My 2 old dogs (13 & 14) are a lot to keep up with but Susan and Terry do a great job on keeping up with their vitamin regimen and changing needs.  My 2 cats are much easier.

With my hectic schedule it's a comfort to know G & S Pet Services are there for us.  Every animal is healthy and happy when I get home.  I never hear a complaint!

Kate McCoy, Merritt Island

I am a long time client of G & S Pet Services and they take excellent care of my cats and birds.

G & S Pet Services now has Terry Young on board. She has Vet experience and handles my household in a  professional, caring manner.  I feel I have the best support with this service.

Cindy Moran, Cocoa

 G & S Pet Services is wonderful!  When my dogs' fear of thunderstorms prevented them from staying outside while my husband and I were at work, G & S Pet Services offered a solution.  Daily mid day visits to let them out for a break and a little playtime.  That was a four years ago and I sure don't know what I ever did without them.  

When we met with Susan and Missy for the first time they were very thorough in understanding and documenting the unique needs of all my pets so they could provide the best possible care.  They asked about diet, medication, fears, likes and dislikes, favorite toys and veterinary care.  All my pets immediately liked them even our older reclusive cat Nikita.
Missy is our primary sitter and all my critters love her!  I think she's pretty fabulous too!  She's helped us raise two cats and one high spirited labrador as well as help care for my aging pets.   Her gentle, caring nature helped us through the difficult times of losing our cherished pets when it was their time to go.  Our current family now includes Travis our 13 year old hound mix, Kayla our 3 year old labrador, and Amos and Cole our two 1 year old cats.  Missy's daily visits brighten their days and they look forward to their afternoon playtime. 
G & S Pet Services has given me peace of mind knowing my animals are well cared for in my absence.  They are reliable, caring, trustworthy and most of all my animals are crazy about them!  I would highly recommend G & S Pet Services to anyone who wants the very best for their animal family.

Two Paws Up from Travis, Kayla, Cole, Amos, and Nikita, Sullivan & CaseyJo

Mary Fry, Titusville

The comfort of knowing my 2 Doberman's are well cared for when I am away for vacation, or a long day at work, is more peace of mind then I could ever tell you.  Susan has been more than accommodating and very flexible with my changing schedule.  My dobie's truly love Susan and almost seem to not miss me sometimes.  I HIGHLY recommend the care of your animals to G & S pet services when you cannot be there. I have been a customer for 5+ years. 

Stephanie Woods, Port St John

Susan and G&S Pet Services have been caring for my animals more than 7 years.  They provide a level of service and reliability that I am pleased to recommend. 

Whether pre-arranged or last minute G&S has always met my schedule needs.  I’m able to leave the house with a secure feeling that my pets will be well cared for and safe.  Their flexibility and “can-do” attitude has helped me out many, many times.  In addition, Susan’s expertise in nutrition, injury, and general animal well-being is a huge asset and one that I value tremendously.  I have complete trust in the G&S team and the competency they bring to the job.

Jim Donato, Merritt Island

Geri has been our pet sitter for about 5 years. She stays with our animals for the entire length of time we are gone including overnight. This is great because my girls (two small Pomeranians) love her and they feel more at easy staying in their own home. We require the overnight stay primarily for our oldest dog Angel who is epileptic and requires medication if she has a seizure. Geri handles this very well, also keeping a watchful eye on them so they don’t fall into the pool. In addition to caring for Angel and her special needs Geri also has her hands full with our younger dog Anastasia, who is relentless about tossing her ball or wheel and has endless energy for a one year old dog. And if that along with house sitting wasn’t enough, Geri also cares for my over 125 birds. I am a hobby breeder of exotic finches, canaries and diamond doves. She not only feeds and waters them daily, but frequently checks the cages and aviary for babies who may have fallen out of a nest or a bird that may be sick. Geri is very trustworthy and has always taken great care of our home as well as our pets. And it doesn’t hurt that she is friendly, fun, and great with people too!

Ruby Daniel, Cape Canaveral

I have thoroughly enjoyed having Stephanie as our in-home pet sitter through G&S Pet Services.  Stephanie is so loving with our dogs and always willing to play with them.  Her calm approach is also one that has reassured me that my pets are in good care.  I’m also very grateful that Stephanie (and Susan) are able to help out with lunch breaks on the days when my work has me running crazy.  Big kisses from the dogs for Stephanie!

Lisa Rice, Rockledge

Although this was my first experience with G and S pet services, I can tell you that Amy is a very competent animal caretaker. I have three dogs: a great dane, a dane mix, and a rather frisky jack russell terrier. Living out in the country, where the dogs have free run of the property and very protective of it, makes it very difficult to find someone willing to take on the task; let alone just travel out to the mims/scottsmoor area. I did make a few calls to other companies in the pet care business only to find out that it was more of a task than they were willing to commit to. Thank goodness for Susan and her services! Not only was Amy willing to make the trip,  but took on the task and had them all under control and happy as could be. More than I could have asked for. Excellent at what they do!

Bonnie Smith, Mims

Thank you to both you and Diane! I don't know what I would do without your services. My "Boyz" Buddy and Charlie are so special to me, and both come with their own set of challenges, Charlie has seizures and Buddy is not the happiest of dogs. Diane has had them both wrapped around her little finger since the moment she walked into our home. I know when I have to be at work late, or out of town, my Boyz are in good hands!

Tracy Miller, Port St John

I want to express my deepest thanks for taking good care of our little family of pets while I had emergency surgery. You were there for my husband, Norm, when he needed you.

We have used your service for many years. We trust your service and your integrity and highly recommend G&S Pet Services to anyone that loves their pets.  You relieved us of any anxiety and apprehension just by being there.

Thank you for being a friend to us and our pets.


Dee and Norm Edkins, Port St John

Andi was wonderful this weekend. 
Murphy was sick so I was hesitant to leave.  Andi put all my worries to rest.  I loved the detailed update she provided on the gang.  I'm extremely pleased with Andi and G&S.

Johnann Goines, Titusville

Thank you so much for putting our kitties in the competent and friendly hands of Missy. I was completely at ease leaving them behind. 

I look forward to future relaxed trips with my feline friends in your capable hands.

Margie Collins, Titusville

 Let me start off by saying that Jackie was absolutely the most amazing animal sitter we have ever had the pleasure to care for our cats. I would highly recommend she and her company be considered first when looking for a pet service. I would give her and the company she works for a 10 out of 10, with 10 being the highest.

Charles Blair, Port St John

Thank you will never be enough. We are so thankful for Jackie. This past weekend we were in a bind so I reached out to Jackie - super last minute and a shot in the dark. She responded within what felt like seconds and, as usual, she respond with a willingness to help. I truly wouldn't expect that from someone so early in the morning. Being hundreds of miles away, it was a huge relief to have someone quick to respond and able to help in a crunch. Jackie is fantastic, super sweet, and always sends pictures (that's my favorite part). I don't know what I would do without Jackie and G & S Pet Services. Please pass along my sincere appreciation. Time and time again, Jackie is the best and I am so grateful for her dedication to my four-legged babies. 

Abigail Marsh, Port St John