Synflex for pets with arthritis

Still vaccinating your pet every year?

New veterinary research shows that the immunity provided by some vaccines may last longer than one year and in some cases for a lifetime.  To decrease the chance of a vaccine reaction, veterinary experts say it's safer to decrease the frequency of most shots that typically have been given every year.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

On The Road Again rescue pet transportation

On the Road Again (OTRA) is a volunteer animal transport group dedicated to aiding rescue animals in moving to their forever/foster homes. We combine over-the-road truck drivers, pilot cars and personal vehicle transporters for quicker and more efficient transport of our furkids.

Pet Sitters Insurance

Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, provides pet sitters with coverage specifically for pet sitting.  Some special features include a Pet Care Bond, Lost Key Coverage, Veterinarian Expense, and a Special Personal Property of Others endorsement.

Kindred Spirit Healing Arts and Pet Care

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Space Coast Kibble Kitchen

Space Coast Kibble Kitchen is a Florida 501 c 3, non-profit charity established in the Spring of 2010. Their mission is to give donated food to needy pets whose parents are facing financial crisis, and prevent animal surrender. Every month they help feed over 1200 cats and over 800 dogs, serving more than 200 families. They start out each month with about 5000 lbs of pet food and end with just a few pounds, or none, which means they start over from scratch each month raising funds and doing food drives so they can handle the following month's demand.

Tefco 100% natural raw feeding diet

Natural Raw Pet Food Diets for Dogs and Cats

Central Florida Raw Food Co Op